Being Green &


Marigolds & Onions continually demonstrates our commitment to the environment through our daily actions. Our goal is to minimize waste and pollution while engaging in the use of local, fresh, seasonal, organic, and passionately cultivated products wherever possible. We believe our continued efforts and behavior will contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

A Few Steps We Take To Make This Happen

bulletStrong focus on sourcing ingredients from local suppliers

bulletSelecting manufacturers and distributors who strives for sustainability

bulletAll leftover food is donated to our friends at Second Harvest, a local charity

bulletMarigolds & Onions advocates the “blue box” recycling program. Reuse, reduce, recycle is our philosophy

bullet“Domtar’s EarthChoiceⓇ Papers” is our only internal paper source. It is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which guarantees that it is made from wood products that comes from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources

bulletReuse all folders and hanging files from our event work. For all event filing we have switched to event binders which are reused after each event. For daily catering orders, we have now eliminated 85% of the paper and are striving to make this a 100% paper free process

bulletMarigolds & Onions makes every effort to sell or recycle used equipment at the end of the products life cycle

bulletUse of hybrid vehicles whenever possible. Most of our delivery trucks are hybrids!

bulletAll staff at Marigolds & Onions use ceramic mugs, and reusable cups for hot and cold beverages consumed during work hours. No paper or Styrofoam allowed!

bulletDeliveries are scheduled by area and time to maximize driving efficiency, and minimize emission of carbon gases. There is a no idling policy with our vehicles.

bulletOur florescent bulbs were retrofitted with more energy efficient ballasts and bulbs. The net result is a savings of 8,852 kW per year

bulletMarigolds & Onions is proud to participate in a savings blitz program provided by Toronto hydro involving retrofitting our florescent light fixtures with more energy bulbs and ballasts

Every effort is made to source our ingredients from local and sustainable suppliers. We also do what we can do minimize our carbon footprint, and promote being socially responsible. We hope you will support our efforts.

Al Salomon
– President & Chief Heart Officer